C4 provides U.S. based, remote SQL DBA support to manage mission critical MS SQL databases. Get a lower TCO (total cost of ownership) from our onsite or remote MS SQL Server DBA services while you meet your maintenance needs. We also provide SQL Server consultation services to further reduce your database management costs through efficiencies. Our SQL Server support services will ensure that your SQL Server is optimally configured and we address any security holes you may have. Our expert SQL DBA team has over 50 combined years of experience in SQL Server technologies.

Subscriptions for Continuous Database Health

IT environments require plenty of attention to assure that they stay in compliance. To achieve this goal, C4 has been providing condition-critical server and database services to its customers. Maintenance Subscription Services have been an excellent arrangement for many clients as they provide the assurance and support needed to make IT Management more stress-free.

Working in various IT environments, C4 has learned one sure thing: not one Program fits all needs. There are some standard needs, however, that C4 provides in packages – tiered maintenance subscriptions for varying levels of oversight and management: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Depending on the plan, services may include:

      DBA Services:

    • Setting up and configuring databases
    • Creating, reviewing, supporting maintenance jobs (subscriptions)
    • General SQL Server and Windows logs review and maintenance
    • Set up new users, apply service packs and hot fixes
    • Monitoring Services:

    • SQL Server notifications to C4 to assign issues to manage
    • Manual and / or automated reviews of database errors, logs, jobs
    • Support & Documentation:

    • Working alongside IT staff for alignment
    • Periodic activity reports to team members as appropriate
    • Phone and email support packages

With a brief consultation, we can recommend the best subscription tier to meet your needs.

MS SQL Server DBA Support Services:

    • Install databases and upgrade versions
    • Database design and deployment
    • Monitor databases and establish backup routines
    • Manage Server security and permissions & database permissions
    • Data imports and exports
    • Monitor performance and tune queries
    • Troubleshoot database issues
    • Normalization or de-normalization of tables.
    • Analyze utilization of resources
    • Backup verification
    • Optimize resources and plan capacities
    • Replication deployment services and support
    • Test and demo using high-performance real data scramble methods
    • Load balancing and database reorganization
    • Manage schema and deploy new features
    • User base management


C4’s immersive support consultations help you determine the administrative strategies for your database needs. Our recommendations help you manage risks, exposure to downtime, and assure that your database performs as required during peak usage times. Additionally, we offer single incident and short-term MS SQL DBA support services.

Our goal is to provide the best MS SQL DBA support services for 100% customer satisfaction. C4 has certified database experts who can help you understand and evaluate database administration, management, and security so that you can effectively maintain your mission critical databases.

Training is very important to us too. We support our clients with the mix of service work and training that best fits their situation. Some clients are most comfortable with C4 providing ongoing service contracts…which suits us just fine. We can create one that meets your company’s specific needs. On the other hand, if your goal is to train your staff to be self-reliant within a period of time, we set up a contract for the instructional time they’ll need.

Remote Support

Remote Assistance for Database Environments

Remote assistance from C4 provides access to your database 24×7 to assure high availability especially where global users access your database. Our team can troubleshoot database errors and quickly resolve them…even those pesky hanging database issues.

Daily maintenance of critical database servers is not easy for every DBA as a high level of expertise is needed to understand and resolve complex ORA-errors and user errors rapidly. The experienced team at C4 can investigate the root cause of performance issues and resolve them from a remote location. Additionally, C4 offers SLA response times for solving database errors to assure your database is back up and running error-free as quickly as possible.

Emergency Support

Recovering Data

C4’s technical staff is highly qualified and vastly experienced in handling heavy data loss. Our service team provides rapid disaster recovery services of your lost database. We can provide onsite database recovery as well as remote database services. Our remote support option allows us to get your crashed or corrupted data recovered regardless of where it’s located worldwide.

Database Security Services

Hacking is an ongoing problem faced by all companies with mission-critical data. C4 provides you foolproof security of your data. Our expert technicians and engineers deploy anti-hack programs to save your sensitive data. With our remote DBA services, C4 can provide security support 24/7 no matter where it’s located.