C4 Portra

A professional concierge service for the patient report

Portra is a comprehensive delivery engine that drives maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness from your LIS system. It builds, distributes, and manages all delivery ware for clients within a software-as-service environment.

C4 recognizes that both physicians’ offices and the laboratories that serve them rely completely on electronic health record (EHR) systems. However, many legacy systems fail to help labs keep up with increased workloads and the need for interoperability, which makes it impossible for them to serve physicians or patients with the timely, accurate information they need. To keep up with internal staffing challenges as well as changes in the healthcare landscape, today’s labs require increased productivity via people, processes and digitization. C4’s Portra delivery engine provides the digital transformation, while enabling the processes that help labs meet today’s challenges.

Portra isn’t just software. It represents a hands-on partnership with your organization, a marriage of systems that enables unprecedented interoperability. Cloud-based, the Porta platform is built around the Orchard® Copia® system to maximize reliability and efficiency, while optimizing long-term value. All of this with minimal capital expenditure and investment from your IT staff.

You’ll gain seamless delivery of lab results to partners, providers, and patients via the channel of your choice—from fax to patient portal—while removing the recurring headaches of system matching, hardware, and maintenance.

Based on desired functionality, Portra can provide:

    • Order Management
    • Sample Management
    • Patient Information Integration
    • Provider Location-specific Settings
    • Results Management and Delivery Services

C4 customizes configuration of the Portra platform to fit the needs of your specific lab. There’s an in-depth, pre-implementation scoping process. Post-implementation, your staff will be trained to use the platform to its fullest.

C4 also provides ongoing support, maintaining a hands-on approach to ensure that customers don’t wait days to get a response to an issue or a query. When you call, you’ll speak immediately with a stateside expert who knows your system, not a minimally knowledgeable off-shore help desk assistant.

Portra can help you increase accuracy and productivity, delight your clients, and better serve patients, as you pull maximum value from the platform on day one.