Healthcare professionals know that patient healthcare must be carefully archived to keep it secure. Unfortunately, in many organizations, this responsibility remains unassigned. We learned this through many sessions with administrators who thought that their IT department ensured that archived patient data was carefully managed. However, it was just the opposite; the patient information was seriously threatened by unmonitored backup systems that could fail.

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We developed Data Integrity Services to help ensure that patient data entrusted to you is consistent, accurate, and protected at every stage of the life cycle. We know how hard you work to care for patients and to do that effectively, there can be no doubt about the integrity of patient data.

Data Integrity Services address the following critical concerns:

  • Managing routine IT inspections, such as CAP for data retrieval and preservation, system security and patient data requirements
  • Testing to assure that patient databases can be fully restored

Keeping a higher level of patient data integrity sets our customers apart from the rest. Our Data Integrity Service clients are proving that they work harder to better secure patients’ information. Learn more about Data Integrity Services reports and the technical parameters we monitor in the resources below.

Data Integrity Services Reporting Presentation

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Take a closer look at what we provide in weekly and monthly Data Integrity Services reports here in this presentation.

Data Integrity Services Overview

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For a deep dive, you can explore this document that explains the various parameters that we monitor.