With a combined 40+ years of professional database, engineering, and software consultation experience, C4 can manage the most challenging database projects. Our extensive know-how enables us to provide a unique range of services including:

      • Patient Integrity Service system audits
      • Database Health Checkups from C4 Database Management. – Learn More>>
      • Interface & cancer registry implementations Learn More>>
      • Configuration and administration of a wide range of databases including but not limited to SQL 7, 2000 – 2012
      • Maintenance solutions including monthly subscription services,
      • Backup strategies and disaster recovery and data corruption fixes
      • Troubleshooting and performance enhancement services
      • Database specification, purchase management, and creation
      • Migrations and hardware & software upgrades
      • Support services: ongoing or as much as required until your team is up to speed

In addition to our services – which we can provide on-site or remotely – C4 can also train your staff to take over database administration if preferred. We can structure a Service Level Agreement for support, then as requested, append hours of training when staff is available to take over database management.

Whatever your specific database administration or interface development need is, C4 is there to serve you.  We strive to be the flexible partner that businesses needs in times of change or growth.  So CALL US TODAY to discuss your business needs.

“C4 understands the ever changing business responsibilities facing laboratories and is committed to providing solutions where budget and true resolution are the priority. C4’s experience and response to patient care are why we became a client.” 

Sherri Kimmelshue
Business Manager
Pathology Sciences Medical Group

Server & Database Config

Get your server and database set up right…the first time! Recognizing the inherent challenges of proper MS SQL Server database software installation, C4 provides the services you need to assure that’s it’s done correctly


Database Health Checkup

C4 Database Management provides a service we call “Database Health Checkups.” We created this service because we noticed a trend with our customers: most delays they experienced in running reports or calling up customer billing information could be dramatically reduced.


Interface Implementation

Need to implement new LIS interfaces into your pathology specimen tracking or billing systems? We’ve got you covered. C4 offers interface implementation services and we are flexible in our approach.  You can have us manage them all or share the burden with your team for an expanded workforce that fits your situation.