C4 Database Management addresses a critical need too often slighted in healthcare IT: the quality installation and maintenance of Microsoft® SQL® databases and LIS systems.

C4 Portra provides a comprehensive LIS system delivery engine that builds, distributes, and manages all delivery ware for clients within a user-friendly and maintenance-free SaaS environment. And it’s all backed by a combined 45+ years of professional database, engineering, and software consultation experience.

A HIPAA compliant service provider

LIS Services

With C4’s LIS services, customers can simplify and streamline their laboratory operations, as well as consistently maintain the system transparency required to ensure optimal performance.

C4 Portra is a comprehensive delivery engine that drives maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness from your LIS system.

LIS Integrity Services help healthcare laboratory managers protect ePHI through effective monitoring and management.

LIS Administration Services ensures your LIS is set up the right way, the first time, with your future needs in mind, including continual updates and maintenance to ensure optimal functionality.


  • Order management
  • Sample management
  • Patient information integration
  • Provider location-specific settings
  • Results management and delivery services

LIS Integrity Services

  • Ensure maximum uptime for critical machines
  • Enable delivery of test results at all times
  • Continually monitor and maintain LIS systems
  • Minimize downtime-inducing technology issues

LIS Administration Services

  • Reference file setup
  • Order choice and test build
  • Workflow analysis and implementation
  • Process improvements to existing workflow
  • Integration for downstream report delivery

Interface Services

  • Outgoing and incoming interfaces using the Orchard® Outreach® lab/EHR integration engine, designed for complex outreach
  • Rigorous requirement-gathering
  • Designs that meet your specific interpretation of the HL7 standard
  • Test environments and real-time tests in your production environment to mitigate risk, control costs, and minimize time to go-live
Three databases lit up

Database Services

C4 Database Services keep you compliant while ensuring that your database systems keep up with the demanding pace of business.

Data Integrity Services

  • Assure that regulatory requirements for ePHI are securely 
  • Manages routine IT inspections, such as CAP for data retrieval 
 and preservation, system security, and patient data requirements
  • Testing to assure that patient databases can be fully restored

Installation and Migration Services

  • Installation planning and performance optimization that follow recommended SQL Server best practices
  • Review and snapshot of current environment
  • Tracking security permissions, data structure, existing pathways, users and user profiles
  • Consistent client updates to ensure accuracy, transfer of important details, and latest versions of server software

About Us

Todd Stabelfeldt first conceived of C4 Database Management in February 2012 when he realized that few database administration options existed for Laboratory Information Systems – environments whose intricacies he understood well. Since its inception, C4 has striven to serve customers with a commitment to accuracy and efficiency in all aspects of customer interaction and service delivery.

Expertise includes:

  • Effectively integrating data into front-end programs and reporting engines
  • Deep knowledge of multiple LIS Systems
  • LIS systems-based IT management
  • Development of custom SQL database processes
  • SQL database administration, including installation, configuration, and upgrades