For medical testing laboratories, their Laboratory Information System (LIS) is the backbone of managing operations. This software processes, stores and manages data through all stages from initiating a requested test – coming from either an interface or a requisition – via accessioning, to exporting and storing test results. The final output of the test may be transmitted in several ways including fax, provider (or patient) portals with PDFs, or as emails. Consequently, having knowledge of each step along the way is critical to properly administering an LIS.

Clients of C4 may be a new laboratory or an existing one onboarding a replacement LIS who need experienced help to manage the process effectively. C4 provides LIS Administration Services to meet this need. Our staff includes personnel who previously worked in laboratories using an LIS making nomenclature and workflows familiar to our team.

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LIS Administration Services Include:

  • Initial reference file setup
  • Order choice and test build
  • Workflow analysis and implementation
  • Implementing instrument set ups for each analyzer
  • Process improvements to existing workflows
  • Integration for downstream report delivery
LIS Admin Helper

Plus, we’ll provide transitional services to enable your staff to: 

  • Support ongoing growth of the laboratory
  • Triage LIS issues through best resources
  • Manage LIS upgrades as needed
  • Define and test projects in your environment
  • Make existing processes more efficient over time
  • Extend automation where possible

Whether you are new laboratory or an established one replacing an existing LIS, our LIS Administration Services can help you get it up and running, then set you up for success afterward.