At the start of a new year, it’s important to revisit the fundamentals. C4 was founded with a mission. Understanding the vital role laboratories play in patient care and the mounting financial and technical challenges they face, founder Todd Stabelfeldt put his computing technology expertise to work in developing tools and processes to help labs do more with less. We started with helping labs assess and maintain database health. Through optimizing database operations, we help customers save time, avoid downtime, and free up resources.

We have grown from those initial services to offer Portra, which builds, distributes, and manages all delivery ware for clients within a software-as-a-service (SaaS) environment, as well as proactive, effective ePHI monitoring and management through our new LIS Integrity Services. The most recent addition to our offerings is interface services that take the pain, hassle, and exorbitant costs out of HL7 interface management.

Easing your mission to better serve patients has been our goal from the beginning. For 2020, we plan to stay on-mission, providing a suite of services that helps labs meet financial and practice challenges that beset the entire healthcare industry.

As you may know, a part of C4’s passion for maximizing efficacy in healthcare comes from Todd’s own position as a patient. A C4 quadriplegic for most of his life, he knows firsthand the importance of the tools and resources on which medical professionals rely. 2020 will also see Todd continue his contributions to usability testing efforts for technology companies in product development to help shape better hardware and software functionality for individuals with mobility issues. He will continue his advocacy work on behalf of maximizing independence and dignity for the disabled.

To that end, Todd will have a regular feature called “Todd Against the Machine” in New Mobility Magazine, a publication for active wheelchair users. The title comes from Todd’s belief that “We all have a machine that whirs around us in life that sometimes grinds us down.” In his first column, he talks about technology that helps him beat a large part of his machine: daily challenges he faces as a quadriplegic in his work and his home lives.

Todd’s dependence on technology helps explain his passion for making it equally beneficial to the fully-abled.

“The nondisabled may appreciate these independence technologies, but to them, they’re conveniences. To me, they’re the difference between functionality and dysfunction, between dependence and independence, between the machine winning and having the choice to take some control.”

Today’s healthcare practitioners have a mighty big machine whirring all around them. Margins shrink, reimbursement criteria shift, and technology both ages, and marches forward. In the coming year, C4 will continue to grow its efforts to partner with labs to better serve patients and, as always, keep the ‘machine’ at bay.

Read “Todd Against the Machine” in New Mobility magazine.