Most delays in calling up patient data are caused by improper settings or upgrades that were either missed, or improperly supported. To highlight the difference an optimized database can make, after a C4 Database Health Assessment, one customer had operation procedure execution time reduced from 17 seconds to 4 seconds. Imagine how many minutes or hours per day that adds up to with hundreds or thousands of employees.

Similarly, we found our customers could free up a lot of disk space by making database adjustments. For example, one customer went from 15% in available disk space to 70% available—a 55% reduction from just one C4 Assessment.

database with magnifying glass

Database Health Assessments inspect:

  • Database backup configuration and capacity
  • Your hardware capacity against what you need for your service level
  • Your software versions or MS SQL Server, service packs, etc.
  • The “role” your MS SQL Server is playing: i.e. only for databases or apps too?
man fixing database server

Plus, we’ll provide a roadmap for your firm that includes: 

  • Performance management on specified MS SQL servers and databases
  • Monitoring software that contacts C4 Support upon any issue with the database server(s)
  • Weekly review & reporting on backups, event logs, and potential issues with MS SQL Servers
  • 24×7 phone support for resolving issues with the database server(s)
  • Monitoring and applying approved MS SQL Server updates
  • Assistance in security validation and changes with staff access

Whatever your needs, our database health assessments diagnose using instructions that tune up your database so that your lab’s and your patient’s information stay as healthy as possible.