Physician’s offices are so reliant on electronic health record (EHR) systems that sub-par performance is rarely tolerated. While laboratories are equally dependent on quality tools, too often they continue to rely on legacy systems that don’t help the lab keep up with increasing demands, and don’t adequately serve clients or patients with the timely accurate information they need.

A recent article entitled “Increasing Workforce Productivity in the Diagnostic Laboratory ( ,” noted that labs face growing test volumes, staff shortages, and declining reimbursements. An aging population, introduction of new lab tests, and increasingly proactive care required under value-based reimbursement models all contribute to the growing test volume. The article explains how labs can fight these trends by increasing productivity via people and processes, hardware, and digitization. The latter is credited with “better management of testing processes, leading to improved workflow and better clinical outcomes.”

How C4 helps

C4 has always acknowledged its responsibility in digitally transforming laboratory processes. Streamlining through unprecedented interoperability and cloud-based convenience, we strive to help you and your employees function more efficiently and meet modern laboratory personnel and workload challenges. Intuitive tools means less time training staff; they allow each technician to be more productive.

One area of digitization that the article calls out is remote system support. As a boutique company, C4 maintains a hands-on approach with every customer. You don’t wait days to get a response to an issue or a query. You deal immediately with a stateside expert who knows your system, not a minimally knowledgeable help desk assistant half a world away. You quickly get the support you need to utilize your software effectively. For us, there’s an emphasis on the “service” part of SaaS. As you work to improve lab efficiency and productivity, C4 will be there to ensure that your software tools keep up with the increased demands on your processes and staff, helping you ease the burden.