Porta, C4’s comprehensive system for requesting, managing and distributing lab reports, is a living thing. As a software-as-service offering, it can continually grow and improve, and you, the customer, immediately gain the benefits of those improvements. This post will remind you of some of the Porta features and capabilities that you may have overlooked.

You know that Porta, once properly configured, is incredibly easy to use. However, you may have forgotten how customizable it is. To simplify and streamline information entry, you can customize right down to the screens on which you work. For instance, Portra’s rules-based engine allows you to automatically fill form fields when specific conditions are met. If a client is a single provider practice, that provider’s name can be automatically entered whenever that practice appears. You can cut down on order entry errors by creating rules that dictate, for instance, that when text X is ordered, test Y and Z must also be present.

Since you handle requests in multiple formats from digital to fax, Porta lets you customize requisitions such that the digital versions look just like the paper or faxed version from the same client. This kind of consistency helps cut down on errors as well as speed processes.

The bottom line: If you’re not sure if Porta can do it, ask.  We have yet to find a customer request we haven’t been able to largely satisfy.

On the backend, it pays to keep in mind Portra’s interface capabilities. The system is quite expansive and extremely flexible in order to work seamlessly with many different EMRs. So don’t think you’re tied to your current system if you’re using Portra.

Also, when you subscribe to Porta, you’ve signed up for personal attention—whether you like it or not. We function as part of your team, and we’re available to assist 24/7. We know our software, and we get to know your business. Essentially, think of us as another employee on your IT staff who can directly manage many system tasks. That’s the joy of software-as-service; you don’t have to maintain it, yet it’s always up to date.

Talk to us. Tell us what you feel might make your tasks simpler and more seamless. We’ll do everything we can to make your requests your new reality.