Sharing our holiday spirit, C4 staff is once again happily contributing volunteer time this year to the Christmas for the Children organization ( It’s a wonderful community effort with many sponsors who ensure that 200 kids from the middle Tennessee region are taken out to breakfast, then on to a shopping trip with $150 to spend on holiday gifts. The trip finally ends with a celebratory pizza party. It’s a truly heartwarming time for unfortunate families that culminates with a meal on Christmas Eve.

C4 gives back because we’ve got plenty to be thankful for. Looking back at the year, there are so many things to reflect about…some of which may help you with your own work challenges. The biggest progressive development in 2018 has been PORTRA – our SaaS platform for requesting, managing and distributing lab reports. It has really taken off and taken hold as you can read about here ( . Having implemented multiple platforms, the amount of customization has been remarkable and many tasks have been simplified.

Aside from PORTRA, our Patient Integrity Services toolset for continuous database maintenance has also expanded. As shared last month ( , the alerts and report details have grown, so watch for these new capabilities rolling out in January of 2019. We are so proud of our database administrator team’s inventive coding work.

Finally, our customer roster has gotten longer. The longstanding customers who helped launch C4 Database Management deserve a lot of credit as they’ve continued to refer others in the industry. Many thanks to those trusted customers who have worked hard to help C4 become an even healthier company over this past year. In closing, we’ve had our best year yet at C4. It would not have been possible without each and every customer. Thank you all. We look forward to sharing our plans for 2019 with you next month and wish you safe travels and warm family times during the upcoming holidays.