During this COVID-19 emergency, it’s clear that medical personnel and, with this disease in particular, medical testing laboratories are heroes battling on the front lines.  Many of C4’s lab customers are working hard on coronavirus matters, and we’ve learned how creative they’ve become in order to keep their operations running.

Brittany Dodd, Vice President of Sales at Arbor Diagnostics shared, “Every day the situation requires us to be very nimble. The first thing we’re trying to do is look out for physicians and their patients. The second priority is to do what’s best for our employees, and the third is to determine what we need to do to keep the business open long term. Some of it we just don’t understand, since our clients are in a state of flux as well. They know what today looks like, but they don’t necessarily know what tomorrow looks like, or what next week will bring. For example, places are all locking down at different times in various locations.”

“From a laboratory standpoint,” Brittany continued, “as a boutique lab in women’s health, we’re in a different situation than a dermatopathology lab. Unfortunately, dermatology won’t see much volume until this crisis has been resolved. Yet, women’s health providers must remain vigilant for their pregnant patients, as well as women dealing with severe health concerns.  Therefore, we still need to be operational to provide our clients the level of support they need in order to provide the best care possible for their patients.

“We’re trying to stick to business as usual as much as we possibly can, but we’re also being flexible in how our employees are cross-trained to rotate through various teams.  This simultaneously adds value to our operation, while keeping as many folks employed as possible.”

We’re proud of the creativity clients have shown in keeping their laboratories operating during such adversity.  C4 wants to contribute to labs’ success in any way possible. For any customers who are facing adversity, please let us know if we can assist in helping you keep your operations running.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to share what you’re experiencing. If there’s any way we can help, we’d love to lend a hand.