Lots of labs are on the move in this era of COVID-19. Pathology Sciences Medical Group of  Chico, California has pivoted to coronavirus testing. They took fast action, teamed up with a local medical center, and can now deliver test results within a single day. Previously, results from the same medical center took between 2 days and 2 weeks. These faster results will mean a lot to those waiting to learn their condition.

Tribal Diagnostics triples up

Tribal Diagnostics, a Native American owned lab, is helping in three ways:
1) Participating in positive/negative COVID-19 testing
2) Conducting antibody testing in the near future
3) Social media communications to keep their audience informed about the pandemic and how it’s impacting their community.

According to Tribal Diagnostics CEO, Cory Littlepage, “we see the incredible importance of helping to keep our patient community informed.  So, we’re using all channels of communication we manage to reach out with any helpful information whenever it’s available.”

Namida Lab is a new kid on the block

Finally, new labs are emerging that are not necessarily related to COVID-19. Namida Lab in Fayetteville, Arkansas is entering the marketplace within a unique niche.  As described on their site, the lab’s area of focus is a screening test for breast cancer using proteins from tears.

When talking with our laboratory customers, we’re continually impressed by their ingenuity and level of caring. They are bending over backwards to find more ways to help patients, pivot to provide the greatest benefit, and change internal policies where possible to keep pace. Keep it up…we’re all proud of you!