There is news to share about Microsoft product plans as well as one of our partners, Orchard Software, so we thought we’d pass it along as it may be helpful.

Microsoft will release a new version of Windows Server later this year.  It’s officially called Windows Server 2022 even though is coming out before then. Its features include advanced multi-layer security, hybrid capabilities with Azure, and a flexible platform to modernize applications with containers. Upon its release, C4 will review its specs to assure it’s an appropriate fit for any of our customers looking to upgrade their Windows Server versions.

As mentioned in this previous post, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 reached end-of-life on January 14, 2020, meaning no new updates –  security or non-security or online technical content — or free or paid assisted support options. We’re aware of some customers still running this version over a year later, so perhaps the 2022 version coming out this fall will be a way to upgrade and be set for many years to come with support from Microsoft.

On the Orchard Software front, our customers that use their products may not realize that their names have changed. Orchard customers have probably been informed of these name changes by their account reps, but old habits can be sticky.  So, a reminder that Sequoia is now called Orchard Enterprise Lab and Copia is now called Orchard Outreach….just in case you happen to be submitting a support request and want to accurately mention your product name.

We look forward to passing along similar information in the future as we find news to share.