C4’s Patient Integrity Services platform is critical to meeting fast data retrieval and preservation, best practices, system security, and data requirements. We are pleased to announce our newest version, coming in January 2019.

Some of the new features and benefits will include:

  • Real-time transaction log auto-grow alert notifies you if any database transaction log is growing in a way that can impact performance
  • Real-time database auto-grow alert notifies you if any database is growing at an unhealthy rate
  • New report based on the scheduled database integrity check to help ensure that you follow and adhere to best practices
  • The scheduled Database Summary report now sorts by percentage capacity to highlight databases nearing a growth change
  • Email failures now display in red in the scheduled Email Summary report to ensure prompt action
  • Duration metric added to the scheduled Jobs Summary report for better management and to help you spot trends

We regularly see the negative impacts of unmanaged databases. If they don’t get required attention, they can grow sluggish, temperamental, consume additional disk and processor space, and generally perform below spec. This can add significant time to required tasks, and that can mean significant costs to your organization, and inconvenience to your patients.

C4 was founded to help laboratories better manage their databases. Through closely monitoring customer needs, we regularly update and refresh features and capabilities to ensure database servers continue to help improve patient care. We hope you find these new features helpful.