As we near the end of a very unique year, we want to be sure to thank all of you—our customers, partners and extended network—for your collaboration with us: whether you’re also in healthcare or a business partner who helps us better serve patients.

Looking back at 2020, we are amazed at how the medical testing industry pivoted and responded to dynamically changing healthcare demands by activating critically needed testing capabilities. The national news has highlighted the importance of testing and reminded people how incredibly vital it is. Behind the scenes, however, hours of ingenuity, outside of the box thinking, and mechanics went into setting up and launching new testing services.  So, we applaud the efforts we witnessed firsthand while assisting in those developments others could not see.

Our mission to our customers at C4 is to provide solutions, preparing new ones that address emerging challenges, supporting existing ones, and working to educate on the data implications of continually changing circumstances. One example this past year was leveraging previous C4 technology to modify an app used for molecular testing so it could be brought into LIS environments to quickly enable SARS CoV-2 results turnaround.

There have been stories, nearly every day, about healthcare workers putting their lives on the line.  We appreciate their sacrifices and personally know many of them as they are customers. This year at C4, we have a new tradition to name something to be thankful for every day.  In keeping with this new tradition, we are thankful for YOU!

Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year from everyone at C4 Database Management.