Patient Integrity Services

ePHI Audits

We created Patient Integrity Services to assure that regulatory requirements for ePHI are maintained and that the Achilles’ heel of your systems – the patient information – is not vulnerable.

Many healthcare professionals know that patient healthcare information must be carefully archived to keep it secure but don’t realize that there is frequently no one assigned to assure this happens. We learned this through many sessions with administrators who all thought that their IT department assured this wealth of patient data was carefully managed. It was just the opposite: the patient information was woefully threatened by unmonitored backup systems that could fail.

That’s why we provide Patient Integrity Services: we know how much our clients care about their patients and we share their concern to provide integrity for their information. To help in this mission, we carefully inspect your databases which can build up issues and fail causing laboratory operations to come to a halt.

For healthcare administrators, two concerns that Patient Integrity Services address are:

    • Managing their annual CAP IT inspection sections of: Data Retrieval and Preservation, System Security and Patient Data requirements
    • Testing to assure that patient databases can actually be fully restored

Keeping a higher level of patient data integrity sets our customers apart from the rest. Our Patient Integrity Service clients can truly say: “we care more about our patients…here’s another way we work harder and do more to serve them.”

Database Administration Services

Installation and Configuration

Get your database set up right…the first time! Recognizing the inherent challenges of proper MS SQL Server database software installation, C4 provides the services you need to assure that’s it’s done correctly. Considering that MS SQL Server software has many components and configuration options, some choices are permanent and result in poor database performance when incorrectly installed. We help you avoid making mistakes and reduce lost time due to bad installations.
Our team has the skills and reference experiences needed to complete an efficient and well-organized installation. In encountering and understanding the critical installation decisions, we help you plan the installation, determine what system resources are required for optimal performance, and follow recommended MS SQL Server best practices when we configure the software.

Database Backup & Recovery

C4’s Backup and Recovery Service involves our consultants working either onsite or remotely to implement a comprehensive procedure to ensure that, in the event of a disaster, your data can be quickly and completely recovered. We first review the ways your database is being used by currently installed applications as well as how it will be used with planned future applications. Next, we analyze existing IT resources to determine the best backup strategy. After collecting this information, C4 will design and implement a Backup and Recovery strategy. As a final step after implementation, C4 performs rigorous failure and recovery tests to verify that all recovery processes hold up under actual failure circumstances.

Interface Implementation / Application Integration / Data Exports

Adding a new LIS interface, or a new app or, possibly, exporting your data? We’ve got you covered…C4 offers interface and application integration and data migration services and we are flexible in our approach. So, where our integration services may be typically in an advisory capacity – we provide dev staff education and stress best practices – C4 can manage exports directly for you.

For our healthcare industry clients, LIS system interfaces for specimen tracking or billings are a growing area of need. We have the experience and specially trained personnel you need to get them coded, tested and launched in your environment. We can manage all of your interface implementation needs in ongoing arrangements or one-off projects.

We specialize in Corepoint, Mirth, and Custom Interface implementations including:

    • EMR – Modernizing Medicine, eClinicalWorks, Amazing Charts, and more
    • Cancer Registry Exports – Pennsylvania, Alaska, Washington, California
    • Languages – HL7, XML, JSON, 64-bit encoding 

Our goal for you is to be your trusted advisor and resource. When C4 manages interface implementations or data exports, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our highly skilled staff has the expertise needed to perform the most complicated tasks. We work with your staff to migrate existing applications or data to other major database vendors ensuring proper data type conversions and database settings as well as implementing the appropriate database configurations. When completed, your staff will be “up to speed” as we provide knowledge transfer along the way.

System Audit Services

Database Health Checkups

C4’s HIPAA Security Certified staff provides Database Health Checkups to manage reporting delays and speed call ups of customer data times.  Learn more >>

Performance Audits & Database Tuning

A performance audit by C4 maximizes the efficiency of your hardware and software. If an upgrade can dramatically improve performance, we’ll chart an upgrade path for you. Our team will review your database system including analysis of:

    • Applications that are running against your data
    • The storage infrastructure that’s in place
    • The structures of your database
    • Utilization patterns of your applications
    • Memory use and size allotments

After completing this analysis, we work with your full I.T. team to finalize a cost-effective, performance-enhancing solution. Once implemented, we train all appropriate team members on the techniques required to maintain efficiency over time.

Speaking of I.T. staff, some firms want an outside view of their capabilities: a SWOT analysis of current team members and what might be augmented to for a higher performance team. We can survey your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from an I.T. perspective. Simply put, C4 can audit your human resources as well as that of your I.T.