illustration of server configuration

Installation and Configuration

Get your database set up right the first time. Considering that MS SQL Server software has many components and configuration options, some choices are permanent and result in poor database performance when incorrectly installed. We help you avoid making mistakes, reducing lost time due to bad installations. We help you plan the installation, determine what system resources are required for optimal performance, and follow recommended MS SQL Server best practices when we configure the software.

Database Backup & Recovery

Our consultants working either onsite or remotely to implement a comprehensive procedure to ensure that, in the event of a disaster, your data can be quickly and completely recovered. We first review how installed applications use your database, as well as how future applications may impact it. Next, we analyze existing IT resources to determine the best backup strategy.

After collecting this information, C4 designs and implement a Backup and Recovery strategy. As a final step after implementation, C4 performs rigorous failure and recovery tests to verify that all recovery processes hold up under real-world failure conditions.

illustration of backing up data to servers