Health Check

C4 Database Management provides a service we call “Database Health Checkups.”  We created this service because we noticed a trend with our customers: most delays they experienced in running reports or calling up customer billing information could be dramatically reduced.  The cause of these delays was typically due to settings or necessary upgrades to their database(s).  For example, one C4 customer had execution time of their operations procedures reduced from 17 seconds down to 4 after their C4 Database Health Checkup.

Similarly, we found our customers could free up a lot of disk space by making adjustments.  For example, one customer went from 15% in available disk space to 70% available…that’s a 55% reduction from just one C4 Checkup.

With this in mind, perhaps it’s time for your firm to have a Database Health Checkup.

During the DB Health Checkup process, we inspect:

    • Your database backup configuration and capacity
    • The “tuning” of your database(s) and impact on response time
    • Your hardware capacity against what you need for your service level
    • Your software versions, like SQL Server 2000 – 2008, service packs, etc.
    • The “role” your SQL Server is playing: i.e. only for databases or apps too?

Plus, we’ll provide a maintenance plan for your firm that will cover:

    • Performance management on specified databases
    • Monitoring software to contact C4 of any issue with the database server(s)
    • Weekly review & reporting on backups, event logs, potential issues for both SQL & Windows
    • 24 X 7 phone support for resolving issues with the database server(s)
    • Monitoring & applying approved SQL and Windows Updates
    • Assistance in security validation & changes with staff access

Whatever your needs, our database health checkups provide a diagnosis with guidelines & instructions to tune up your database and put you on your way to better database health.

This DB Health Checkup is a flat-rate service, so call or email the professionals at C4 Database Management today to set up an appointment:

Phone: 206.794.1524
Or email:

Specific Information Provided:

    • Inspect the overall state of the server and hardware configuration and database(s)
    • Evaluate configuration to determine disk allocation, memory, and operating system performance
    • Report on server’s capability to support future vendors version(s) / upgrades 
    • Ascertain Windows Update status for system integrity & security
    • Provide detail on firewall, anti-virus, and Windows & SQL security settings
    • Audit of backup & restore process to evaluate if critical data is being backed up as well as the ability to restore data in a timely manner

SQL Server Checks:

    • Ascertain status of approved vendor service pack (& hot fix) updates to the SQL management software
    • Evaluate processors, RAM, and service priority settings in relation to server hardware operating efficiency

    • Evaluate if the database configuration is vendor approved & up to date
    • Evaluate if the database is correctly configured to allow the backup process to safely and efficiently store the most current data
    • Evaluate security in place checking that only approved users can access data
    • Evaluate maintenance plans to determine if data is backed up based on company needs
    • Evaluate plans to cleanup old backups and event logs
    • Audit logs to ascertain system integrity and any maintenance issues

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