C4 Portra

A professional concierge service for the patient report

The Portra software-as-a-service platform is a professional concierge service for the patient.  From end to end, it provides a quality laboratory test management environment at an amicable rate. Portra enables laboratories to quickly and efficiently receive test requests, integrate test types, manage queues, and deliver reports to get results back to patients as quickly as possible.  The outcome for the patient is minimized apprehension due to rapid turnaround of results by the lab serving them.

Medical centers, hospitals and clinics can work seamlessly with their laboratory counterparts using Portra. The inherent efficiencies reduce required time, which translates to reduced cost. Platform functions like sending alerts on available test results streamline the request-and-deliver chain of events. Based on desired functionality, Portra can provide:

    • Order Management
    • Sample Management
    • Patient Information Integration
    • Provider Location-specific Settings
    • Results Management and Delivery Services

C4 customizes configuration of the Portra platform to fit the unique needs of each lab or service provider. In the detailed scoping process, C4 explains the wide-ranging functionality of Portra in a thorough review of its capabilities. After implementation, C4 then trains the staff to most effectively use the platform. This enables the true power of the Portra solution to make the biggest impact possible on the first day of use.